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Citizen Charter

The Government of India (GoI) passed the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in September 2005. The Act gives legal guarantee minimum of 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to adult members of a rural household who demand employment and are willing to do unskilled manual work. The objective of the Act is to enhance the livelihood security of households in rural areas of the country by providing unskilled manual work that develops the infrastructure base of that area. GoI hopes this will be an instrument with major socio-economic benefits for rural India. However, considering the size of the outlay and the vast geographical spread there is a need for vigorous and foolproof systems and procedures with the ability to deal with large volume of data across rural India as well as to ensure that maximum benefits flow to the beneficiaries.


The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) aims at enhancing the livelihood security of rural people by guaranteeing at least hundred days of wage-employment in a financial year to a rural household who are willing to volunteer the unskilled manual work.

  • Facilitating successful implementation
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Maximize accountability
  • Reduce administrative effort and cost
  • Minimize leakage of funds
  • Accurate and faster wage payments

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005, (MGNREGA) was enacted on 7th September 2005 as "An Act to provide for the enhancement of livelihood security of the households in rural areas of the country by providing at least one hundred days of Guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household".

The objectives of MGNREGA are :

  • Providing wage employment opportunities
  • Creating sustainable rural livelihoods through regeneration of the natural resource base i.e., augmenting productivity and supporting creation of durable assets
  • Strengthening rural governance through decentralisation and processes of transparency and accountability
Key features in MGNREGS
  • Jobcard registration
  • Work estimations and approvals
  • Demand for work and work allocations
  • e-muster Generation
  • Bio-metric Muster and measurement
  • Payment through eFMS integrations with Banks
  • Payments through APB mode and AEPS Mode
  • Delay compensation System (DCS)
  • System for Generation of Unemployement Allowance
  • Wageseekers level reconcilation of disbursements
  • Program Monitoring systems
  • Social Audit portal
  • Quality Control System
  • HRMS System
  • Integration with Nregasoft, GOI Database
Benefits to the Government
  • Reduction in administrative effort and costs
  • Elimination of Bogus job card registrations
  • Automatic Reconciliation of Estimated efforts to actual payments done against a work
  • Effective program monitoring using the IT tools
  • Payments to right persons - Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
  • Electronic Fund Management System - payments from a Central Account- Parking of funds at District and Block levels is NOT REQUIRED
  • Easy reconciliation of funds
  • SMS based alerts system - effective health check of key parameters
Benefits to the Rural People
  • Empowerment of People - Demand for work is made right of people
  • Unemployment Allowance if employment not provided within fortnight
  • Weekly pay slip to each worker and SMS on payment deposits
  • Faster and accurate wage payments
  • Online payments tracking
  • Delay compensation amount automatically added to next pay slip
  • Support to farmers - Land Development and Horticulture works in farmers lands
  • Assistance with local language interface
Grievance Redressal system in Andhra Pradesh

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 aims at the enhancement of livelihood security of rural households by providing for at least 100 days of unskilled manual work every year to every registered household in the notified areas of the country. In this event of failure in the allotment of work by the State, the Act stipulates grant of unemployment allowance to the work applicants. The Act also mandates prompt and fair disbursement of daily wages in a prescribed manner. In other words, the Act confers statutory right of unskilled manual work for at least 100 days and for payment of statutory wages in a prescribed manner, and failing that, payment of unemployment allowance. In order to enable the work applicants to enjoy their rights, the Act prescribes a definite methodology for the disposal of the complaints. Andhra Pradesh government has given top priority to establish an effective grievance redressal mechanism for implementation of MGNREGA, following steps were taken.

RD Call Centre

The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh has used Rural Development Call Center from 10-09-2009 to 31-05-2015 with an objective to integrate the grievance redressal process through an effective use of information and communication technology. The ultimate goal was to create a one-stop public grievance handling and resolution system, characterized by high efficiency of resolution and real time reporting. Beneficiary satisfaction was the key driving force for this innovation.

Citizen calls a toll-free number 1800 200 4455 (or) 155321 for call center assistance for grievances/information pertaining to various government schemes. Citizen can raise their request through a phone call or web form which was available on line. Grievances are registered by the Call Center Executive with details. Grievances can be registered through email in the RD Call Center Website.

The citizen gets a ticket id and details of the concerned redressal official(s) through SMS for the request submitted. The concerned official(s) also receives SMS about the request submitted by the citizen. Concerned official attended the request and provided the required redressal. If concern officer mot responded in his allocated period automatically complaint will escalated to next hierarchical officer. In All level delays review meetings will take place periodically. Citizen could track their request online or by calling the toll-free phone number. Citizen was informed on their request redressal through an SMS or a letter. For more information work process flow diagram, Sub Category Wise Escalation Days and Category wise Escalation Officer Details MGNREGA Department in following attachments.

RD Call Center was worked well. By maintaining the same quality, with added some features, the govt. of AP has launched new portal named 'Meekosam', which is an Integrated grievance redressal system.

Government of Andhra Pradesh Has Launched an Integrated grievance redressal system called "MEEKOSAM" on 26/05/2015. Due to this reason we have winded up the Existing Rural Development (MGNREGS), Andhra Pradesh complaint and Grievance redressal system.

"Meekosam" - Portal for Public Grievances

An Integrated Grievance Redressal System Meekosam, Telugu web portal was launched by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu on 26th May '15. This is an integrated Public Grievance Redressal System. From 26th May 2015 under this system, all the grievance petitions received at the CMO/ Secy /HoDs/District Collectorates, District level and Block level Offices would be registered, tracked and redressed on a common platform, linked to the Aadhaar No. of the petitioner to ensure proper accountability.

The portal, will record grievance based on AADHAR number. Photographs and documents relating to the grievances/suggestions could also be posted. The person who posted grievance or suggestion could also track the progress of his/her application. An applicant can register his/her complaint by web services. An acknowledgement will be received via SMS/e-mail once a grievance is registered. Meekosam also provides an option to classify complaints.

The grievance will be registered, tracked and forwarded to the department concerned. User ID's and Pass ward provided to All Concern departments to facilitate implementation. It will be escalated to higher authorities if the grievance is not addressed within a certain time-frame. The citizen can call to know the status of the grievance which can be tracked through a toll-free number 1100 or 1800-425-4440. For technical help 3 numbers: 7032642835, 7032642836, 7032642837 were allotted to technical help desk.

Features of Meekosam

  • Common Integrated platform from CM office /HoDs to mandal level. There are no different platforms in different districts.
  • Aadhar linked tracking system to populate demographic information and for avoiding duplication of petitions.
  • Exhaustive categories/sub categories
  • Petitions scanned and uploaded
  • Facility to forward/track the grievance across departments
  • Dedicated grievance teams at CMO/HoDs/District/Block(Mandal) level
  • Automatic escalation via SMS/Mails
  • Dedicated call centers
  • 100% Quality audit of redressed grievances
  • History of the petitions/petitioners earlier endorsements are available
  • On line Grievance registration is available.
  • Social Audit portal
  • Quality Control System
  • HRMS System
  • Integration with Nregasoft, GOI Database

Based on above view Grievances' as received through the following means :

  • Every Monday, District, revenue division and block level officers meet at one place, review the petitions redressal position, receive applications from petitioners and issue acknowledgement on spot. All applications after computerizing/ scanning and up load in to Meekosam web portal.
  • Government of Andhra Pradesh periodically conduct Janmabhoomi programme where in all block level officers visit Grampanchayats, explain different developmental activities taken up, receive grievances' with acknowledgement and upload's to Meekosam website.
  • SC, ST Special Grievances' will be conducted - Under the chairman ship of collector monthly once with all district level officers along with civil society members, review and monitor regarding SC and ST special programs/funds and grievance received and redressed.
  • Details entered in to Meekosam the grievances received daily at respective officers are entered in to Meekosam website.
  • The petitions are also received through mails.

Special officers are designated to monitor the Redressal of Grievances received under MGNREGS at the offices of State/ District/Block.

Government of Andhra Pradesh Abstract

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